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  • Version: 2.2.1

Make your mouse leave a trail of stars

If there were an award for the most pointless application ever, it may well go to Startrail, which does nothing more than leave a trail of stars behind your mouse cursor.

"Oh come on, it's cute" I hear you say. Well, maybe if you're a little girl but unless you like a wizards magic wand spraying stars all over your screen then you'll probably just find it annoying after five minutes. That said, it can add a bit of life to your desktop and if nothing else, impress your friends. In fact, it stretches beyond the stars and also allows your cursor to trail other things such as bubbles, snowflakes and erm...leaves.

Every time you move your mouse Startrail ensures that a trail of stars (or whatever you choose) follows closely behind your cursor. The stars change color from green to yellow and red or purple but you don't have any control over when and where the stars are released. You can, however, change the number of particles and their lifetime, burst dimension, gravity, wind and other features. Moving it over the dock results in a splash of color that looks momentarily like it has exploded in a champagne supernova.

Pointless but slick, Startrail will appeal to all those who are bored with their mouse and can't stop customizing every little aspect of their desktop.


  • Allows you to choose from stars, bubble, snow and more
  • Stars flow slickly
  • Colorful


  • Not much point to it

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Startrail 2.2.1 for Mac

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